Germinate Creative works with clients who have their business roots in the ground and are ready to grow. My clients are passionate about what they do, and they want their projects to visually speak the zing that’s needed to stand out.

Whether a website, logo, invitation, or illustration, what emerges is an investment in clarity, durability, uniqueness, and style for a successful image and mission.

Passionate creativity partnered with a solid game plan: it’s what I love doing.

Web design + development
Print communications
Logo design
Integrated campaigns
And more…


Every project is unique and deserves focused attention: from learning about you and your goals (all of them, including the lofty ones you’re afraid to tell anyone) to delivering a fully ripe design.

Research, research, research.
First, I ask a bunch of questions to get a clear understanding of your business. Where would you like it to be in 5, 10, 20 years? What is the mission that keeps you working at your job every day? I focus on learning about you and your project first because it will give me the background to add depth and meaning. This research helps to craft a final design that is more than something that looks good or is stylish; it will be driven by the mission and values of your business.
The plan.
Here we set up the blueprint for the design process which includes a schedule, and a mood board paired with a creative brief. The schedule gives the project immediate momentum. A mood board is created with the project’s personal ingredients: typography, photography, illustration, color, and hierarchy. We combine the mood board with a creative brief that summarizes all the factors that impact your design project. Conversations begin with collaborators such as writers, interactive developers, marketing specialists, and printers.
Concept, design, refine.
Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – your goals interpreted into a design. Typically multiple concepts are presented, then are revised, widdled, watered and fertilized until the project is complete. So we can stay on path, we always ask “Does it meet the goals of the creative brief?” From the most simple to the most complex, elements are polished until the design achieves an appropriate, and compelling, solution.
Once a final design direction is achieved, the product needs to be delivered. If it is a website, web development partners create the right content management system for you to handle and update your site. If it’s new business cards and letterhead, I partner with printers to make sure your design is printed efficiently. I never let anything out into the world unless it is top-notch. Aside from your tangible design, a sense of fulfillment is also handed off as you see your initial concept in successful implementation.