Launching a New Brand Identity: Community Growth Breathroughs

Community Growth Breakthroughs CEO reached out to me when it was time for a new brand identity.

There are many reasons to launch a new brand: it could be you’re starting a new business. Or, it could be that there is a shift in the way your current business operates. This happened recently to a client of mine. It was time to close shop on her old business, and open up a new venture that is more future-thinking when it …

Creative Freelancing in the Wake of the New Election


Donald Trump will be our next president. This is the reality, and it’s a reality a lot of us are afraid of. To most of us, Trump’s victory is a wake up call, a sobering end to an extremely polarized political campaign.

I’d be wrong if I didn’t admit to feeling defeated. But with all of this confusion and fear, I’m determined to figure out ways we as creative entrepreneurs can work well, and work together, during difficult political times. …

The Awesome Benefits of Coworking Spaces


Hey y’all! Exciting news to share: I was recently interviewed in the Sept/Oct Communication Arts magazine on my coworking experience. Author Rebecca Havel and I spoke about my transition from working at home to working in an office. She interviews myself, along with others who work in coworking spaces in San Francisco and New York City. Check out the article here.


Studio Co/Create
The article does a great job proclaiming the awesome benefits of coworking spaces. There are …

Your Generic Logo


Here are 4 reasons why you might have a generic logo:

  1. You bought it on 99 designs. Or another similar contest-based logo design crowdfunding website. Yes, it’s cheap, and your results might even look trendy. However, poor communication between contest holders (that’s your designer) and contestants (that’s you… what a terrible way to be thought of!), language and cultural barriers, and low overall quality of work (at times even outright intellectual property theft) all play a role. So that logo

Recipe for Growth


It’s August! My favorite month of the year! Why’s that? It’s my birthday month! And this one is a big one, y’all: I’m turing 40.

This year is a milestone. Not only because it’s a milestone birthday, but also all of the professional and personal stuff that’s going on around this time. The personal thing isn’t “closed” yet, so can’t quite comment on it… but it sits on a big rectangle and has rooms and a deck and it’ll be …